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Who We Are

The neuroimmune lab led by Dr. Nicholas Jendzjowsky focuses on the interplay between sensory and autonomic neurons and the immune system to regulate host defense. Dr. Jendzjowsky started his lab in September 2020 during the Covid pandemic. He obtained his position at The Lundquist Institute for Biomedical Innovation at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center. The Lundquist Institute is the largest independent, not-for-profit biomedical research institute in Los Angeles County. It has an international reputation for scientific discovery, the training of physician-scientists, and the provision of community service programs.


It is an affiliate of the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA and the Harbor-UCLA Medical Center and has an annual budget of ~$60 million. More than 1,000 active projects are taking place at the Institute in cardiology, emerging infections, neonatology, cancer, women's health, reproductive health, vaccine research, respiratory physiology, molecular biology, genetics, and genomics. Lundquist also actively promotes the health and well-being of nearby communities by providing more than 60 community service programs that meet various essential social and medical needs. 

Our Team

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Nicholas Jendzjowsky, PhD.

Investigator - The Lundquist Institute for Biomedical Innovation at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center

Assistant Professor-in-Residence

Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine and Physiology

David Geffen School of Medicine UCLA

Nicholas Jendzjowsky - fengli photo.jpg

Fengli Zhu

Senior Research Associate

Nicholas Jendzjowsky - Diane Aguilar Former Student.png

Diane Aguilar

PhD Student (Co-supervised with Dr. Peter Jorth at Cedars Sinai.

Past Members

Nicholas Jendzjowsky - Lauren Benefield Former Lab member.png

Lauren Benefield

Research Technician: Current: Immunis Biomedical

Nicholas Jendzjowsky - Katie Zyuzin Former lab member.png

Katie Zyuzin

Research Associate: Current: Jackson Laboratories

Nicholas Jendzjowsky - Antoine Current Post doc.jpg

Antoine Millet

UC Riverside

Nicholas Jendzjowsky - Nd PSA NCAM CD19 MHCII TRPV1DTR and dtx uMT_Series010_z00_ch00.tif

Our Research

We are interested in how the sensory and autonomic nervous systems regulate immunity.

Current Projects

How Do Sensory Neurons Detect Microbes?

This project focuses on unique immune sensing capabilities of sensory neurons. We use new single cell sequencing technologies along with calcium imaging and patch-clamp electrophysiology

How Do Sensory Neurons Communicate With Lymphocytes?

This project is looking at which neuropeptides stimulate lymphocytes to regulate humoral immunity in the context of bacterial infection and allergy.

How Do Efferent Projections Communicate With Lymphocytes?

This project investigates how autonomic circuitry influences lymphocytes to regulate humoral immunity in the context of bacterial infection and allergy.

How Do Epigenetic Changes To Sensory Neurons/neuroendocrine Cells Alter Reflex Regulation Of Homeostasis?

We are investigating sensory neuron/neuroendocrine cell function in response to environmental changes during the perinatal period. Using a number of techniques to implement perinatal epigenetic changes, we are then test autonomic reflex regulation of systemic arterial pressure and breathing.

Funding Sources

We are funded by the NIH NIAID, UCOP TRDRP and CTSI

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